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Spring tuning appointments are going fast! Please call to reserve. We service pianos for a wide range of clients in Chester county, PA and the surrounding tri-county area.

To schedule, please call 215-760-4377.

The piano is a complex instrument containing several thousand parts! Many of these parts are subject to wear and tear, and the inevitable effects of aging. To maintain your piano in top condition, it is important that it receives regular servicing.

We strongly recommend having your piano tuned at least once per year, and prompt repair of any broken or sticking keys, as they may be symptomatic of more serious problems.

Piano Tuning: What causes a piano to go out of tune?

Being largely constructed of wood, pianos are subject to the effects of humidity. High levels of humidity (occuring in Spring & Summer) cause swelling of the wooden soundboards and bridges and are reflected in higher pitch. Conversely, low levels of humidity (occuring in Fall & Winter) cause contraction of the soundboard and bridges and lower pitch. This humidity cycling is primarily responsible for the piano going out of tune.¬†Fortunately, there are now ways to mitigate the effects of humidity and keep your piano in tune for a longer period of time through use of specialized ‘piano climate control’ systems. Please contact us for further details.

Action Regulation: Why is my piano’s touch so uneven?

For many of the same reasons that cause a piano to go out of tune, the piano’s action parts also swell and contract throughout the year. This can create unevenness, sticking keys and sluggish keyboard response. To properly develop one’s piano technique, it is important to play on a piano with a well-regulated action. This process should be performed every few years.

Purchasing a Piano: New versus Used

Well-maintained pianos can last several lifetimes! Which means that you shouldn’t judge the usability of an instrument based on age alone. While the cost savings when purchasing a used instruments can be large, it is very important to get a professional opinion prior to buying one. There may be obvious or hidden defects which can render an instrument valueless. Please contact us for this service.